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Things Not To Consume While in Keto Diet

By | February 4th, 2019|Categories: Keto Diet|

When under the keto diet, there are a number of foods that you are allowed to eat and those you should avoid. The foods that are high in curbs are some of the exceptions that you should not take with the diet. Besides this, you also need to avoid certain fruits and alcoholic drinks. This is because the foods will lower the effectiveness of the keto diet; hence limiting the outcome. If you want more details regarding this matter check out EHI Primary Care. It provides a lot of information about keto diet and supplements. These are the things not to consume while in the Keto diet.


Taking foods that contain a lot of starch isn’t recommended with the keto diet. You need to avoid things like rice, potatoes, bread, and pasta. In addition to this, you also need to stop eating the whole grains foods and legumes. For example, you should not take the black beans and lentils among others. This is due to the fact that the foods are high in carbohydrates, which is not recommended for the keto diet.



Besides the starch, the sugary foods are other options that you need to avoid when using the keto diet. This implies that you need to cut off the sweets, cookies, cakes, and candy among others. In addition to this, you also need to keep off from drinks like sports drinks, fruit juice, and vitamin water. Generally, it is important to stop eating all kinds of sweetened foods as this will hinder the results you are likely to achieve when using the diet. The honey, maple syrup plus agave are other additional sources of sugar that you don’t need when using the diet.



It is also advisable to stop eating foods that contain margarine. For example, you need to stop eating foods like the imitated butter that has a high content of omega-6 fat. The food isn’t that beneficial to the body and has been linked to a number of conditions like allergies, asthma, and other inflammatory diseases among others. This is because it contains a higher amount of omega-6 content.



Even though a number of diets recommend that you take a lot of fruits, with the keto diet it is never advisable to take a lot of fruits. You can always have some fruits once in a while but not frequently. For example, you need to avoid taking fruits like apple and pineapples among others. You can always treat the fruits as a kind of candy, which should not be included in the diet.



The consumption of beer when using the keto diet should also be avoided. This is because a number of beers always contain a high amount of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, which is not recommended in the diet. The liquid bread is one that you need to keep off. Despite this, you can always have the low carb beers.

These are some of the things not to consume while in the Keto diet. This is because they are high in carbohydrates and sugar, which makes them unhealthy for the body. Instead of the listed foods, you should opt for the low carbohydrates foods that will enhance the functions of the keto diet.

Explore VA: Benefits for Veterans & Their Families

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Families|

While Veteran Affairs aid the veterans, some veterans are homeless in America. Those veterans on the streets have not received the benefits that they have earned, or some might not know that they are eligible to receive benefits. There seems to be no understanding about being eligible to receive benefits and entitlement to receive benefits. If the military dishonourably gives you discharge, you do not hold the right to receive any benefits. That is why like most of those that sell life insurance they would say things like, “These are the benefits you might get…”.

You have been chosen, or you volunteered to become a war hero. Trips to Afghanistan and other countries where you are needed to help keep the peace. The question remains, did you fill out the paperwork to get service connected? Most will say that filling out life insurance is one of the most important things to do. Many soldiers come back to their homes experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, have disabilities. Some so devastating that they must wear a prosthesis on their leg or arm or end up in a wheelchair.


Veteran Affairs is wide-reaching. It strives not only to help the disabled veteran, but also his family and children. Everyone affected by their traumatic experience. When disabilities are so far reaching that you cannot drive a car anymore or you cannot provide an income for your family, it is good to know that your government has your back and are willing to help provide where you cannot. The disability funds are well earned. The veterans were willing to sacrifice their lives for their governments, and they deserve every bit of benefit that could come their way.

If your disability is not as devastating and you can start working Veteran Affairs gives training so that you can go back to work. There are government officials trained to educate the veterans about what is available to them. There is no reason for them why they cannot know what is available to them, and it does not matter where they move. Veterans should talk to one another. Lack of awareness is a crucial element why they have not received any compensation. There is a reintegration program to help them. The only thing that they need to do is call the county veterans services offices.

Compensation includes pension, educational benefits, life insurance, medical benefits, home loans, veterans state benefits, burial benefits and a discharge upgrade.

Special Veteran Affairs hospitals exist with excellent medical resources and treatments available to the veterans. Those not living in America with our eyes fastened to social media cannot but cry with them when they return home to their families. We will remember that you have earned every single benefit available to you. Now go the distance, ask for help.

Does Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program Work?

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: BBG Program|

With over six million individuals following Kayla on Instagram, born and raised in Australia, her love for health and fitness has sure enough captured the hearts of people from all over the globe, and have primarily inspired women to workout and get healthy.

Even though it’s referred to as the BBG, “Bikini Body Guide”, the idea of looking good in a bathing suit isn’t necessarily the goal of those who choose to start and complete the program. The goal, however, is to be the best possible version of you that you can be, healthy, along with having a lot of confidence.

The trainer welcomes all to do her BBG and are especially impressed with all the moms who have managed to get their body fit and healthy again, after their first, second, or even four babies.

The program has inspired women across the world to embrace their strength and have pushed them to take charge of their lives, as well as their overall well-being.


The BBG Program

The program consists of 12 weeks, with each days’ workout only being 28 minutes long. Now, I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t have 28 minutes? It also consists out of two different methods of working out, with the one, consisting of her bodyweight/ high-intensity interval training circuits, as well as cardio, also referred to as LISS, to get the heart rate up, but still recover the body from the three days per week, which are dedicated to the bodyweight training to challenge your body.

Her BBG program consists of a nutrition guide, as well as a fitness and workout guide, which will emphasise the important factors of getting fit and healthy, as well as get your body on track and into the routine of becoming healthier, which also altogether puts you in a great mood too.

  • Cardio – Referred to as LISS (Low-intensity, steady state cardio), which requires you to move at one constant pace for the complete duration of your workout.

The HITT sessions are also considered to be cardio but focus on getting the heart rate up, faster.

  • Resistance Training – Some of the HITT session incorporates dumbbells, a skipping rope and a medicine ball, which will help shape and tone your muscles.
  • Stretching – For increased flexibility, and to obtain ultimate strength, you must focus on flexibility and mix up your workouts, which in the BBG routine is the exact case.

The Goal of the BBG Program                                        

If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss plan, that will help you to lose weight healthily gradually, all while achieving the body of your dreams, along with a boost in confidence, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

Since motivation is the number one thing people struggle to maintain during a diet and workout phase, there’s no need to fret, as the BBG community are all there to cheer you long along the way.


The Difference Between a Cold and Flu

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Cold and Flu|

Whenever people feel like they have symptoms related to a cold or flu, chances are they don’t even know what they’re referring to, or that there’s a difference between the too at all.

When it comes to differentiating the two from one another, there is, however, a big difference and even though their symptoms might feel related to one another, here’s how you’ll tell the two apart.

Most symptoms related to both these conditions are coughing, sneezing, having a fever, feeling like you have aches and pains, as well as fatigue.

A cold, however, is a far milder respiratory condition, than flu. Cold symptoms can leave you feeling sick for a few days, while flu symptoms can leave you feeling very ill for a few days, to a couple of weeks.

Colds are also known to be far less aggressive than flu and aren’t even considered a worthy reason to visit the doctor’s office. Flu, however, can turn into conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia and if not treated, can be life-threatening.


Symptoms of the Common Cold

If you’d like to know the difference between the two, the way to do so is to recognise the symptoms thereof. It all starts with a sore throat, which lasts either one or two days, and is followed by nasal symptoms, a runny nose, congestion, coughing and sometimes even fever. Children, however, are more likely to have a fever, than adults.

Cold symptoms generally don’t last for more than a week. During the first three or four days, you will be contagious and should avoid contact with people, especially at work or school.

If your symptoms last more than a week, you might have developed a bacterial infection, which means you will need antibiotics to get rid of it.

Symptoms of the Flu

Some people refer to a cold as the basic type of flu. When it comes to the flu, symptoms are much more severe and appear faster in your body.

Symptoms usually include a fever, sore throat, headache, soreness, congestion, cough and muscle aches.

Flu symptoms will improve between two to six days, which will also feel you leaving run down. If you suspect that you have the flu, you must visit the doctor to get the right medications or antibiotics for it, as the flu can turn into pneumonia.

As soon as you feel like you have shortness of breath and fever, you should also visit a doctor, to ensure you receive the right medication to avoid getting pneumonia.

The Difference Between Colds and Flu

In a nutshell, colds are viruses that develop inside of your body, while flu viruses enter your body via the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth. Every time you touch your face, you could be transferring germs to your mucous membranes, which is precisely why you should always wash your hands regularly.

How to Eat for Beauty

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Beauty|

If you’re serious about your beauty routine and getting the most out of beautiful, healthy looking skin, the first place you should start isn’t with your expensive cleansers, masks, moisturisers or facials, but with your diet.

When we consume diets that are poor in nutrients and lack necessary vitamins and minerals, we automatically allow our bodies to reflect it in our skin.

Having clear skin is incredibly important to both the youth and those who are older and, on a mission to avoid wrinkles as much as they possibly can. Many individuals have resulted in more extreme measures to maintain more youthful-looking skin for longer, as they age.

If you thought that food isn’t the answer for perfect skin, think again, as it is the answer to most problems that occur on and inside your skin today. Now, of course, there are beauty products, creams and treatments that will fix up your skin and maintain its health, but beauty overall really starts within the body, which means by consuming a healthy, balanced diet.


How Your Diet Affects Your Skin

Since your food gets digested and ultimately broken down into minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which aids in your body’s healthy and primarily, your skin’s health.

When we consume foods that are mostly processed or high in sugar, we automatically set our skin up to experience a range of problems. Eating a diet that is high in saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and sodium, for instance, is extremely bad for your skin. This is all due to your body not receiving enough proper nutrients to support your skins’ health, which ultimately leads to a deficiency in vitamins minerals and if you do not consume enough protein, could also lead to your body being deprived of amino acids, which are also responsible for making collagen, as well as elastic tissue.

The mere idea of your body not being able to produce enough collagen and healthy tissue is the exact result of your body being filled with foods that contain empty nutrients and calories throughout the day.

It’s simple, whatever shows up in your gut, will influence your skin. Another important visual you must keep with consuming sugar, is that it aggravates acne, the occurrence of rashes and worst of all, wrinkles.


Can Dairy Cause Breakouts?

It all depends on how sensitive your body is towards dairy, but it’s not recommended at all. There are a lot of studies that show that dairy is one of the leading causes of breakouts, along with sugar that is.

If you want to see a difference in your skin, try quitting dairy for a week and let the results speak for themselves.

Eating for Glowing Skin

The best diet for your skin typically involves many different colours of fruits and vegetables, and of course, a lot of greens. These include everything from the famous kale to the spinach, avocados, cucumber, green bell papers, asparagus and other leafy greens. It’s also important to pair a lot of yellow and red vegetables into your diet. Berries, healthy fats and drinking tons of water, is also considered the gateway to the most youthful and clear skin of your life.