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Happy Tet Monsanto!


12 January 2012

The Director Monsanto
Mr Nguyen Thi Anh
Unit 1303, Floor 13, Centec Tower
72-74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street
Ward 6, District 3
Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam

Dear Mr Nguyen,

Sorry not to have received a reply to my letter to you of 10th December, so I assume you did not visit the children at the Hoa Binh Village at Tu Du Hospital. I find this worrying that you a Vietnamese, as are some of your staff, could not find time to see children affected by Agent Orange a product! made by the company you work for and represent in the country on which 80 million liters were sprayed. I need not tell you of the legacy it has left to the people and land of your country.

However, there is still time to make amends for your lack of courtesy and feelings to the children. In a few days it will be TET, the year of the dragon, surely you will be celebrating as will the children and staff at Hoa Binh. Come along Mr Nguyen, collect a few presents and deliver them to the children, it would also be good to include the staff that throughout the year care for the children.

If you have children, you might consider taking them along, children the world over like meeting other children and from my visits I know they will enjoy meeting yours. You might also consider letting your children give the presents to the children at Hoa Binh. Tet is also the spirit of giving and receiving.

Let me wish you and your staff a very Happy TET and hope that in the coming year, the authorities will consider closing down your office and those of Dow Chemical and DuPont. You may think I am uncaring if this was to happen. In this instance you will be 100 per cent correct, after all what is the loss of jobs for a few when your company plus Dow and DuPont are responsible for the deaths of many thousands of Vietnamese and the suffering of four million today in Vietnam.

chúc mừng năm mới!

Len Aldis. Chairman
Action Orange Action Group
Flat 2, 26 Tomlins Grove
London. UK E3 4NX


3 Responses to Happy Tet Monsanto!

  1. robert v lower says:

    you want fight monsanta ckeck out where girls basic traing if they make it outmost are the girls are died are very sick now,i help unstand what happen to they and gave they somebody to talk 2,i the only guy out 50 girls,i think they have the agent orange,but no it was there barrons with asbestos in it and what monsanto has do to the town next to the base,i have everything,get it from the web and get some from i like they so much i joip they,this group has been fighting monsanto,va and usa gov,we can not take down the va,but we can take monsanto,kim if this you me and this has engh to take anybody we want,but we want the chem company and dox and everybody that make agent orange these test that dam thing in bases in the usa,try to glow tree back in 1970 nothing has glow back
    this was frist placeThe more you look. The more corrupt this agency becomes! Under the leadership of Secretary Anthony Principi the Department of Veterans Affairs has become nothing more then a sham.

    And then when you realize that the Office of General Counsel is operated by his close friend, and another extremely corrupt Republican, Tim McCain, you realize that the Department of Veterans Affairs is just about as corrupt, dishonest, and fowl as an agency can get.

    All management level personnel in the Department of Veterans Affairs are encouraged to use any technicality, or means, to deny claims, or to string out claims as long as possible in the hope that the Veteran will give up. Management level personnel are paid very substantial bonuses for such conduct.

    As a result, it is “Normal” for VA Management Level Personnel to destroy evidence in Veterans Claim Files, and there is an Official Policy of ignoring any evidence favorable to the Veterans Claim.

    sec place is gone it may have been monsanto trying hide what they did,if you want more write me,i the only vietnam vet that does not have agent orange so they can not stop me or shut me up

  2. Anna Zapp says:

    THANK YOU FOR CARING~ What you are doing for these poor VICTIMS
    is AWESOME and I just wanted to be one small voice that yells

  3. Françoise GERARD says:

    it’s beyond words… You are destroying your own and only planet and your own people. Adding to the garbage civilisation, spreading death, just for the money !!! Are you lobotomized, you black agents of Monsanto ????

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