How to Eat for Beauty

If you’re serious about your beauty routine and getting the most out of beautiful, healthy looking skin, the first place you should start isn’t with your expensive cleansers, masks, moisturisers or facials, but with your diet.

When we consume diets that are poor in nutrients and lack necessary vitamins and minerals, we automatically allow our bodies to reflect it in our skin.

Having clear skin is incredibly important to both the youth and those who are older and, on a mission to avoid wrinkles as much as they possibly can. Many individuals have resulted in more extreme measures to maintain more youthful-looking skin for longer, as they age.

If you thought that food isn’t the answer for perfect skin, think again, as it is the answer to most problems that occur on and inside your skin today. Now, of course, there are beauty products, creams and treatments that will fix up your skin and maintain its health, but beauty overall really starts within the body, which means by consuming a healthy, balanced diet.


How Your Diet Affects Your Skin

Since your food gets digested and ultimately broken down into minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which aids in your body’s healthy and primarily, your skin’s health.

When we consume foods that are mostly processed or high in sugar, we automatically set our skin up to experience a range of problems. Eating a diet that is high in saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and sodium, for instance, is extremely bad for your skin. This is all due to your body not receiving enough proper nutrients to support your skins’ health, which ultimately leads to a deficiency in vitamins minerals and if you do not consume enough protein, could also lead to your body being deprived of amino acids, which are also responsible for making collagen, as well as elastic tissue.

The mere idea of your body not being able to produce enough collagen and healthy tissue is the exact result of your body being filled with foods that contain empty nutrients and calories throughout the day.

It’s simple, whatever shows up in your gut, will influence your skin. Another important visual you must keep with consuming sugar, is that it aggravates acne, the occurrence of rashes and worst of all, wrinkles.


Can Dairy Cause Breakouts?

It all depends on how sensitive your body is towards dairy, but it’s not recommended at all. There are a lot of studies that show that dairy is one of the leading causes of breakouts, along with sugar that is.

If you want to see a difference in your skin, try quitting dairy for a week and let the results speak for themselves.

Eating for Glowing Skin

The best diet for your skin typically involves many different colours of fruits and vegetables, and of course, a lot of greens. These include everything from the famous kale to the spinach, avocados, cucumber, green bell papers, asparagus and other leafy greens. It’s also important to pair a lot of yellow and red vegetables into your diet. Berries, healthy fats and drinking tons of water, is also considered the gateway to the most youthful and clear skin of your life.